"You gotta listen to the people buying your record" - Dan, Bury Tomorrow.

Dann chats to Dan from Bury Tomorrow on their recent tour and straight from the get go we do have a chat about the Black Flame release issues, definitely something they've cover in interviews before, but we wanted to show them some love for making a brave move re-releasing a track based on fans feedback. 
We talk about the tone Bury Tomorrow have set with their fans with no Meet and Greets, just jumping off stage and meeting as many fans as possible in the crowd, Dan explains that for him he doesn't regard it as anything more than paying back the support and catching with friends. 
We cover the change in their writing process from previous interviews from the previously "sparse sound" to adding more electronic elements in Black Flame, they can't wait for the feedback from the UK tour as their stage production has also changed with the new album. 
Dan talks about how made up he was with the option to tour with 36 Crazyfists as they were a big inspiration to Bury Tomorrow's inception and how he gets a little loved up on stage.