"Did you just assume Sparky's gender?" - Rou Reynolds, Enter Shikari

Mike catches up with Rou and Rob from Enter Shikari when they tore apart our hometown venue and it was definitely a geek our session about different types of show including the acoustic set and main headline sets at 2000 trees and the planning that goes into quadraphonic sound, which follows on nicely from the interview Dann did with the other half of Shikari at 2000 trees about the new visual stage production. 
Shikari also give us an insight to playing Boomtown Fair for the first time, having a double headline set, being told to finish with a red card and the never ending rain. The conversation moves on to playing much smaller venues and getting the live performance to the lesser known venues. 
And for all those people that want the lowdown on Shikari's newest member "Sparky", how it came about and the life it's taken on.