KING 810

We manage to get some valuable time with David Gunn Of King 810  


Mike manages to get David Gunn to open up about the Flint Water Situation after taking an interest in what is happening there, we never knew the extent of how badly people were affected there. We don't like the fact this has dropped out the media now it's had its moment, King 810 are living through hell with their city, a city they feel has been forgotten.  


"It annoys me that they call it the Flint Water Crisis, this is a man-made crisis. Its someone's fault. This is Life now." 


"I haven't turned on a faucet (tap) in years, I just walk past them" 


"We all knew for a year and half, 2 years before it was on CNN" 


"You can talk about the whole thing, start to end, without ever mentioning that someone did it on purpose... for money" 


"imagine the consequences when you sweep something under the rug on a national scale." 


"it'll take 15 years and billions to fix, money that no-one has" 


We as the Heavy Music community of the world, cannot let their voices go unheard, please spread about the message to help raise awareness of what is still happening down on the ground, the lives that can be helped.