The Show

The Mike James Rock Show was established in the early months of 2008 on Exeter based community radio station Phonic FM. Founding members Mike James, Daniel Beck & John Marshal would cover all genre’s from Rock, Metal, Ska, Punk and all things in between building up a local following with their permanent Friday night slot.

Over the course of that year interviews were booked with some of the big named acts to visit the city and the show quickly picked up notoriety for being able to gain interviews with acts other local station wouldn’t touch and wouldn’t cover.Over the course of the next 18 months the show would build in stature and started to draw on Mike James’ experience in event promotion to put on their own live show’s supporting the local scene by adding local act to the bill with bigger touring bands.As 2009 drew to an end both Dan & John could not commit to the show as personal circumstances meant they could not support the growth of the show.  Over the next few months a number of people volunteered their time to help with events and the show but as before personal circumstances meant they could not commit so Mike James took the helm alone.


In 2010 as the show grew Mike’s policy of supporting the scene seen saw more local/regional act join him in the studio for interviews as well as seeing Mike attend a number of national festival and gigs to interview the acts playing.Mike arranged regular club nights in Exeter and started to promote tribute acts as well as giving local bands the chance to play live as support. 2010 was also the year of the first Halloween Zombie Ball at the Black Horse in Exeter and was broadcast live on Phonic FM.


By 2011 Mike’s show had grown and was now attracting interest with bigger PR & Press agencies which saw Mike and cohort Dann C Steer travelling the country to interview much bigger calibre of acts as well as seeing Mike cover a great number of festivals. With regular popular club nights in Exeter Mike was able to team up to companies to arrange album launch parties and ticket give away nights.After a successful summer of interviews at festival and networking national station TotalRock (soon to be Bloodstockradio) ask is the show would like to syndicate to their station which Mike gladly jumped at the opportunity.Towards the end of the busiest year Mike found out he had been nominated for FM DJ of 2011 at the South West Music Awards. Mike attended the awards ceremony to present the award for best Metal Act (Red Mist) and he also picked up the only publicly voted award of the night making him the FM DJ of 2011.


In early 2012 Mike’s now award winning show took up a 6 month residency on web based station Fire Brand Rock Radio taking the tally of stations to 3 that the show was broadcast on which saw an influx of local bands scrambling for a slot to be interviewed on the show knowing that they wouldn’t just be heard in the west county. Another summer of festivals attracted more interviews with national and international acts including headliners. After the summer Mike signed the show to be syndicated to another of the UK’s top 5 rock radio stations who gave the show a prime slot of Saturday evenings. Towards the end of the year it was becoming apparent that extra help was needed for the live broadcasts as well as in the background and show supporter and long time friend Dann C Steer took on the roll. At this time Mike learnt that he had been nominated for a national award as DJ of the year in yet another publicly voted awards.


At the start of 2013 with a huge online campaign the Mike James Rock Show won the converted DJ Of 2013 Award at the Pure Rawk Awards. This award drew lots of attention to the show and Mike soon signed with Orlando  base station Sick World Radio who would carry the show on their network and push it throughout the east coast of America. Mike also launched a website which is a web based magazine supporting the local scene and also a place where the shows are linked with the like of its social media and YouTube.Dann soon took on the Persona of Devon Dann and became a co-presenter with his knowledge of the local scene and his ability in visual editing meant that all interviews could be filmed along with the acts that came in to the show nearly every week and put on to the show growing YouTube channel and website. With the two of them covering a multitude of festivals and events it meant that a lot more could be covered. After the busiest summer to date the show was picked up by yet another station in the USA this time based in Nashville who gave the show their Saturday night drive time slot.2013 also saw the Halloween Zombie Ball grow to another sell out event at Exeter Phoenix, this time boasting four stages including an outdoor stage as part of the accompanying Zombie Walk through the city centre which was attended by over 750 zombie dressed people.  In the dying months of the year Mike & Dann set out a plan for the coming years and it was decided that more help was need for the behind the scenes/backroom work on the show as they looked to develop the website and build on the club nights and events planned for the following year. With this in mind Biff Smith AKA doctorbiffgood joined the team with his knowledge of website design & management along with the local scene having been a popular club DJ in the now defunct Bunker Club. Biff is an added bonus and draws from different taste in rock and metal which broadens the scope of the show.


At the start of 2014 Mike announced that the Halloween Zombie Ball would be moving to the much bigger Lemongrove at Exeter University on Friday 31st October along with this announcement Mike also let people know that the show will be hosting the second stage at the annual Respect Festival which in 2013 drew more than 23,000 people a day to. The stage will play host to an assortment of Devon based Rock, Metal, Indie and Alternative acts some being hand pick by the team and other winning their place from a Battle Of The Bands to take place in Exeter Cavern in the Spring of that year.The show also made it to the finals of the Pure Rawk Awards 2014 and voting is underway…………….2014 is promising to be the best yet keep with a show motto of everything bigger then before.

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